By keron-poet

MY Case is different!you asked me
to follow the foot print of love!, and
you said to me don’t follow any other
way except to love your self genuinely
believe me it’s only you who will love you
and keep your way every cost

others follow the energy of love
and i become a winner.

And at every point you said to me not to be
Quick to judge others.we are different in our
own bearing and ways.always give other chance
to demonstrate who they are.but they say first
appearance last forever.Dont misinterpret,you;
be wise enough “watch, learn and observe”

I clip to this all day long to practice
and I become winner.

you alone said, to me their always a light at the
end of tunnel. others success is not your business
if they fly,walk and crawl all is better than noting
don’t compare yourself or wallow in depression
and discouragement “all will be well” just be patient
and you will open your eye and smile forever.

I never turn out of patient and at the
end I became a winner.

winner winner winner! at all times
and I furiously turn out to be best of
My version. every darkness fly out
along as my light shine vividly always




by keron-poet

I learnt at a young age that
the best way to handle pains is to smile often
that’s is only road to happiness
and get over things.

To be human is to understand that
life is going bury you into circumstances
that will bury you deep within yourself.
smile through and let the sun’s shine
dry up the anguish.

Celebrate every minute like no other
Just need to understand that you don’t have hang
your mistake along your spine you are
strong enough to forgive them.

To be human is to feel it all welcome
to the lessons that comes with dark
days to welcome softness that come
with the lightness of what saves you.

Reason carefully as what you hope
For is the opportunities that makes you chest
well with gratitude and things that
makes you smile

To be human is to understand that
you have the capacity to become
whom you are always hope to be.
and you don’t have to surrender
yourself. to person you are when
are navigating your sadness.



by keron-poet

I’m learning how to read between the lines
and hearing the basic word that comes
at the tips of your tongue, thank you for
asking me to wait just a little longer.
thank you for not getting tired of holding my breath
you have not make me sink neither giving me
the most pain ever.

let count our blessings and wallow away the
negative thoughts, signifying tiredness that balling
inside the music of the world comes after dancing
Thank you for those time you said to me ” you
maybe broken doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful.

Thank you for your closure reminder, you could
leave a space in your mouth for rain, behind your
ear for a flower, in your hand for tommorow, in your
eye for fire in between your palm for your fingers

your shadow have always be a ray of sunset after a immediately rain fall that it takes some time for the cloud to clear off. The cloud try to wash away all that
hurt you after the thunderstorm and shok you on
The core. to calm the storm, that have formed within
my soul.

Ever since you clear me, tho everything is temporary
this shall pass, to embrace if I can still can, the sunshine on my face.



by keron-poet

I keep my eye shut and mouth.actuating, I
place a pillow on my face, trying to figure
out the real story, how it ended and how
it’s started. I never wanted to be hurt filling
up to practice the act of wearing death like
a perfume.all the scarce of wanting a joy with
no supervision is all i long for.

what else, is. a vold option trying to throw questions
to the side where no one care to give response
free me of any action with no remedy. many view
of people with the sentiment of how death could
in a twinkle of days.but its of no use manage to
buld a smile with no pain.death do not come for
A dead man.

clouds of happiness, feel me and never stop to
bother how well the mystery behind living good
and better still, in an acute way. even if I recall
“My body is a map to different ways mystery can’t
recall” feel me now till I overflow and feel my sprit
till I overflow them beautifully and strength those
bone never to refuse to Pick up my calls.

how to live well without welcoming joy I don’t
know, I always decree joy, everyday of my life it’s
the best way to sacrifice, is how joy will seat me
and never one day refuse to disclose of how much
I’m a artist. I fall in love in the joy that shallow me
and its not forget every laid down is little
more than never keeps you going.

For those who pass through dark way, their
is always a glimmer which reminds them that
every cream scene around their flow’s is an
estimate way to create a new way to loose
their battle, a tiredness deaft woman,who
always seen the mountain. As a vacuum of
exchange to a glorious days.embrace your
dark days.that is the better way tell your
story to the universe.



By keron-poet

At least point I became stronger felt I will be
trickle down but
this time I came across my champion
. All My Life the light I was looking
for was right
behind me and didn’t know.

At every point I’m ready to fly
up here high with wing’s,i realise I couldn’t
find them anymore. it’s as been cut
not realising how it could at that point, I became
stronger and tickled out a way a to fly
up without my wings

build your own wisdom in those broken
pieces that leaves in you, you
might be best pieces you are looking forward too
at your darkness moment.
shake up the moment angles in you,let
them be summited in your quiet
and confident period you have wait and
breathe in Dawn of the broken

Ode to the new song of praise from
The lycris of the royal synonyms
let me tell you a story of how possessive I could
be while I look for who to love being the
only loyal person in the world of war
I sign to that pink lip balm at the
royal place bring out of my childhood
memorial and let be the loyal keep at your muscles


Everyone, see the new me

By keron-poet

haven’t heard back yet,that what
goes up won’t come down.noting will.

rising and rosie at every pick up
life of a fighter is a diamond spring.

suddenly awake of a premium change
is a desire for which await us a long time.

for every strengths are find in storm’s we face
which keep us fighting for a freedom of peace.

it’s takes us the Sun,the moon and Star to shine
through to bring us the blessing for the day.

every one watch me surviving and wonder how
I haven’t lost my mind and get distracted in it.

crown my words, crown my tongue and take control
of my lip, let my throat get the sword to speak daily.

I’m a fearless dreamer and a wishful thinker living
with a reserved mind.No one could decree on.



But I’m in awe of how, we seal
to see again,but at every coast we seem our
intelligence is quite aright by parting
and ever wish to see again.
To you;smartness should be your second
Cheech name,you find every means to make sure
it’s furious to really show it’s sound so
stupid leap with ‘who’
To yourself I will rather
find my own I call to say

I see and I wish to bear with.
No’ No’ No’ No’ you say frequently to yourself
no one size measurement of trouser
for me I rather do that at my
own taste I know me.
you yell and yell over it and you kept away.
At every mean “she”look away all she silence
instead of fancy step to a start of a beautiful
day and shine brighter
as the Sun blossom by
the day. withdrawn at

First it was clown of funny jokes
and remorse of beauty ages of an art. Now you
went solo and I keep calm to watch the
pretty part is the calmness which
is a sensational of virtues.
you must take note and rate in your respect
at all means.while sitting gently napping on my
couch you gave me call saying, you only
want a little bit of air breeze
of sweetness then and then
you went without my notice

Now it’s done all is finished. give
me the best of bread I left with you then you mourn
for it and didn’t keep you waiting to have it
‘To my surprise you promise
to be gentle with it and you
did, I count on the fact you didn’t fail this
time we both weed away the unwanted Seal and we
walk each other to the zaging and patches
road hand in hand to the
end before we know it the
journey set us together again.